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The Business Owner is a periodical business publication that helps owners of small and mid-size businesses build and retain wealth. If you currently own a business or plan to start or purchase one, The Business Owner is a must-read.

The Business Owner delivers clear, concise, well-written, unbiased, and thoroughly researched information such as business plans information that will help you earn and keep more money. At the annual subscription price of $99, you will not find a better investment. Click here to subscribe today or call us at 800-634-0605. If you ever become unsatisfied, call for a full refund.

The Business Owner will make you a better company manager, help you avoid disasters, and give you ideas for maximizing the after-tax income to you, your family and your loved ones. Each semi-monthly issue will offer articles, strategies, advisories – in summary form – that you can give to your advisors to assess the applicability to your particular situation. To review a current issue, click here.

If your clients are owners of small or midsize businesses, send them The Business Owner as YOUR publication. We’ll put your name on the cover and do the mailing. Your business will grow as you create awareness in a high-quality way.