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About Us


At Sky Portal, we specialize in business coaching and marketing consulting for independent professionals and business owners who are ready to learn to work smarter and not harder.


Are you struggling to attract more clients? Or perhaps you have more business than you can handle but it’s not “quality business“, the type of clientele willing to pay you top dollar for your expertise. Do you want to learn how to take yourself “out of your business” and work less hours while still enjoying your existing lifestyle? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.


Marketing Solutions for Professionals and Organizations that Service Business Owners


If your clients and prospects are business owners or executives, Sky Portal could be your ticket to higher retention rates and revenue growth.
Simply obtain the rights to provide Sky Portal to your clients and prospects and you will harness the power of:


Consistency over Time – Your targets will receive Sky Portal six times per year, regardless how busy your schedule may be.

Integrity of Putting the Success of your Constituents First by providing them with information they can really use, rather than useless marketing pieces touting your firm.

Leverage of Outsourcing – Let your friends at Sky Portal produce the newsletter and mail it to your target audience.

Focus on Your area of Expertise – You are an expert in a particular area. The highest and best use of your time is in your area of expertise, not in publishing a newsletter and stuffing envelopes.

Brand Awareness – The first task of any business is to consistently bring in business. This will only happen if your prospects are aware of you and what you do.

Differentiation – In competitive industries, you must set yourself apart. How are you setting yourself apart? Sky Portal is a powerful tool for differentiation.